Posted on: April 5, 2010 11:27 am
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Could Westbrook Join McNabb as a Skins WR?!

A 'Screw the Eagles' Reunion?!

When he was an electric Fantasy Football stud, Brian Westbrook would make opposing defensive coordinators reach for their Maalox trying to figure out a way to contain him.  There was no stopping him - just hoping to keep him from one of those 100 yard rushing, 100 yard receiving games.  Surprisingly effective at blocking, Westbrook could throw a block, slither out of the backfield and take a quick pass from Mr. McNabbulous and take it to the house.  We've seen it so many times and I have to say it never got old. 

Eagles fans have always been told that if Westbrook didn't already play running back, he'd be their best wide receiver.  Percision route-running, ample toughness and great hands, Westbrook was Andy Reid's and Donovan McNabb's favorite weapon.  For good reason. 

He also won me some nice coin (er, I mean accolades) as a savvy 2nd or 3rd round pick in Fantasy Football - underrated even by us fantasy players, he rarely went in the first round.

Westbrook's receiving stats look like he always wore a number in the 80's.

73 Receptions, 703 Yards, 6 TDs
61 Receptions, 616 Yards, 4 TDs
77 Receptions, 699 Yards, 4 TDs
90 Receptions, 771 Yards, 5 TDs

The man has 29 receiving touchdowns!  Now at the age of 30, Westbrook is as smart as he is athletic - he not only graduated with a degree from Villanova but earned his MBA as well.  Don't you think he has already thought about his career as he enters free agency for the first time?  Maybe he'd be the first RB to re-invent himself as a wide receiver but I'm sure he wouldn't be the last.

Now take a quick look at the Redskins depth chart and tell me if you were the Skins wouldn't you sign Westbrook?  Don't forget Antwaan Randle El is a Steeler again.  Now pencil Westbrook as a No. 2 Wide Receiver and the 'Skins could always drop him in occassionally as a 3rd-down RB or even on punt returns as needed.  Talk about the Wildcat, you could make some crazy and confusing formations moving the plethora of running backs and the new weapon at wide receiver around the field.  Add Coach Shanahan's playcalling and his recent QB addition to the mix and I'm convinced the Screw the Eagles reunion could really be on.  

If your an Eagles fan and you see McNabb and a healthy Westbrook lined up at the Linc wearing 'Skins colors, you may just break into a cold sweat.

Which is what happened to me this morning when I first thought of Westbrook, former Eagle, as a potential wide receiver.

Oh yeah, and before you dismiss it, remember Westbrook's hometown is a place called Washington, DC.  I can hear the numbers in McNabb's iPhone being punched right now.

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