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Posted on: March 21, 2010 3:53 pm

NFL Overtime - SOLVED! (And it wasn't that hard!)

NFL Overtime SOLVED!

So why do we hate NFL Overtime football?!  We know deep down that we do, but its hard for us to admit it.  Saying you dislike OT football sounds like you may also dislike, babies, puppies, ice cream and March Madness.  Yet, if we were TRUTHFUL we know in our hearts, OT football quite often (not always) kinda sucks.

Well I know it has always, ALWAYS driven me crazy.  A solid kickoff return, one first down and the kicker is already getting warmed to end the game.  What I truly hate about the overtime version of gridiron is that it is NOTHING like the cling-to-your-seat intensity of the 4th Quarter .  Its a boring, glorified kicking contest with ZERO urgency.  I bet even the Television broadcasters don't like it, since it piles into their other programming with no end in sight.  Who can forget that incredible Bengals-Eagles tie in '08 - YAWN!

And don't even get me started on the zillion commercial breaks. 

End of the 4th quarter - HUGE LONG BREAK (UGH!)

It seems like 15 real minutes go by between the end of the 4th quarter and the first play from scrimmage in OT.  And then the team huddles after each play, the no-huddle of the 4th quarter long left behind.  YAWN.  And then some crazy soccer player nails a 47-yarder like its his full-time job - no big deal.  Game Over.  And the other team is always feeling screwed because one of their captains called Heads instead of 'Tails Never Fails'. 

"What were you thinking?!  Tails never fails. You know that!"
"I dunno.  I was feeling heads."
"Ugh. You know what I'm feeling?!  I'm feeling you suck at Coin Toss man."

I wonder if video games should put in a Coin Toss attribute for NFL players.  Who is the NFL leader in Coin Tosses won?!  Or Lost?  Has any player lost more than 2?!  Now THERE'S a trivia question.

So here is your new, improved, Fobeashyi-approved NFL Overtime Format.
  • 2  FIVE-MINUTE HALVES (game ends in a Tie after 2 Halves)
  • NO SUDDEN DEATH (but if one team is leading after the first 5-minute half, the game is OVER. BOOK IT!)
  • NO KICKOFFS to start either half, ball is simply placed at the 20 (however, kickoffs still occur normally after FGs/TDs)
  • if 2nd Half is needed the "other" team gets the ball (aka the team that DIDN'T win the toss)
  • 4th Quarter Timing Rules, 2:00 Warning, 1 Timeout each team (per half)
Why is this 61,218 times better than the current OT structure?
- No more kicking/special teams-dominated, super-lame, zero-urgency overtimes. 
- Completed faster, less breaks
- Way more strategy/clockology/tough coaching decisions
- Hey, if your defence can't stop them from going the length of the field, eating up most of the 5 minutes than you don't deserve to win.
- Late-in-the-game-style football

Imagine if there's 1:40 left in the first OT, you have the ball on the opposition 40 yard line and its 4 and 2.  Whaddya do?  Kick the 57-yard field goal?  Punt?  Go for it?!  Decisions! Decisions!  Your opponent may get the ball TWICE!  The first time with 1:30 left or so.  And assuming your tied, they'll get it again to start the next half.   So many decisions/situations to manage.  And a lot more urgency!

So maybe it would result in more ties.  So what?  I never understood why a tie was such a horrible way to conclude a game.  You play hard, your evenly matched, you each get a point.  And you may be glad you did - especially with all of the tie-breaking rules at season's end.  That silly tie the Eagles got with the Bengals a couple season back was written as a travesty then in the Philly media but it ended up being the point that got them into the playoffs.  Look it up - its true!

Now here's an idea.  Talk to the folks at EA SPORTS and get them to run Madden 10 with these new rules about 100 times and see what the results are.  I bet you the winner ends up being 55/45 either way for whoever won/lost the coin toss.  Maybe even 50/50!

Overtime solved!

Your thoughts?!

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