Posted on: March 23, 2010 9:07 pm
Edited on: March 23, 2010 9:10 pm

NFL OT Forecast: 4% Percip. + Chance of Double OT

The NFL announced a dramatic rules change today in regards to overtime and it was stunning in how much it will affect the outcomes of games! 

Are you excited?!

In fact, over FOUR PERCENT of games will now have a new overtime rule!! 


Now doesn't that sound underwhelming?  Well it should.  The NFL voted *NOT* to include games when Overtime actually happens.  You know during the Regular Season when a win or a loss (based partly on a coin flip) has a profound impact on the playoff race.

256 games = Same Rule      11 Playoff games = New Rule

Leaves me a little numb.

I HATE the current overtime setup and suggested a new system that placed the same amount of emphasis on defense, offence and coaching decisions as the 4th quarter does.  Sadly, I don't believe it was tabled.  I somehow missed my invite!

The main argument against changing the current system is that "hey, defense is part of the game."  And that is the core of the problem!  DEFENCE IS PART OF THE GAME!!  If you have watched NFL overtimes over the years, you'll know many times a mistake on coverage in the special teams on a kickoff or a debatable penalty will quickly put Mr. Huge-Leg Kicker in position to end the game from 48 yards.  Overall, it has little to do with defense. 

Start 'em on the 20!  Now *THAT* is an impressive drive!  Moving the ball 40 yards and nailing a 57-yard field goal.  Count me impressed then. 

The new system is going to lead to a lot of double-overtime games and guess what - the NFL hasn't stipulated what the new rule is for in Double OT in the playoffs!  Another coin toss?  Uh oh!  Will someone successfully call "Tails" twice and the same gets the ball first BOTH OT Quarters?  We may have a whole new controversy then! 

If it ever happens.  I don't like 4% Homogenized Milk and I don't like 4% Overtime. 

Do you?

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