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Old People Trying to Win Golf's Majors? Again?!

This is starting to get ridiculous.

We all love the heart-warming story of a grizzled senior legend magically finding his game and making an unexpected run at a major tournament.  Tom Watson's storybook ride at Turnberry last year at the British Open, made eventual winner Stewart Cink quip "Even I was rooting for Tom Watson."

So yes, last year was a memorable event and Watson's tremendous play made it unforgettable.  However, after gazing at the leaderboard today at the Masters, this whole old-guy-taking-a run-at-a-major is starting to become almost commonplace.  I mean people were practically PREDICTING 50-year-old Fred Couples would be a contender.  He's 50!  How is it possible for these soon-to-be AARP members and their 10% discounts, to compete with the world's best?  And at one of the most demanding courses in the world?! 

For me it just doesn't compute.

And it looks as if these pre-Internet golf icons are clearly at it again today.  Don't forget then-48 year old Kenny Perry was a major factor last year at Augusta.  Major, as in he almost won it and perhaps should have.  Listen, when Jack Nicklaus at the age of 46, won in 1986, it seemed certain to be a once-a-generation throwback win, the likes of which we wouldn't see for decades.

Now it seems the fountain of youth is being bottled as part of the standard gear for a golfing legend.  3-Iron?  Check.  Lob Wedge? Check.  Bottled Fountain of Youth?  Check.  Bring 2 just in case.  Done.  Ok, let's do this.

Look at the leaderboard today ... Tom Watson, a 67!  Sandy Lyle, Bernard Langer are under par.  And the aforemention Fred Couples, well he's started off in superb fashion as well.  Whatever happened to the good old days where the old people showed up, were outclassed and fired an 86 that made all of us duffers feel good about ourselves. 

"Tee hee look at Gary Player, he's a like a bear out there - he's great in the woods! < shouting >Hey Gary!  Look for my ball while your there. "< /shouting >
"Dude, you didn't even go into the woods with your shot, your ball is right here."
"I know. But I've always wanted to say that."
"Dude, that is so not cool."

This just says it all: 60 year old Tom Watson shooting a 67!   It doesn't even shock us anymore. 

And that is what I find, well, shocking.
(No Tigers were mentioned or harmed in the crafting of this blurb.)

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