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Coyne MacTosser's LOCH OF THE DAY.

We welcome Coyne "Flip" MacTosser, and his magic coin as he makes his picks including the LOCH OF THE DAY.  I'll give you mine as well.

Coyne MacTosser says: "Thanks for the lovely introduction.  Listen. 1 Coin and 7 Words. You don't know 'cause you don't know."

Final Four Picks

Duke vs.West Viriginia

Fobeashyi: DUKE
My bracket was half-ruined but Duke and West Virginia managed to at least save the other half. I'm sticking to my script and picking Duke to win it all.
Coyne MacTosser says: DUKE (Heads)  Money mouth
"I heard a wee bit that the guard for the Coachburners squad is knicked up and won't go.  So Duke it is.  Well that and the quarter said so."


Butler vs. Michigan State

Fobeashyi: BUTLER
I can't see Butler's incredible winning streak ending here, at home in the Final Four. They've got this one. Which would make a heck of a final: Butler vs Duke.
Coyne MacTosser says: BUTLER (Heads)  Money mouth
"If you've been betting against these lads than your still having porridge for your breakfast.  I had eggs and soldiers mee self this morning.  Or should I say afternoon!"


NHL Picks

Toronto vs. Boston

Fobeashyi:  LEAFS. 
A double bonus for the Bruins if they can win. They'll just about lock the Leafs into 29th improving the Bruins own draft pick and they need this BAD for their own playoff aspiriatons. Sadly, (for them) the young Leafs continue their recent form and win it going away.
Coyne MacTosser says: BRUINS (Tails)  Yell
"They 'ave to 'ave it and they will.  It will be men against boys tonight.  The Maple Tee Hees go doon."

Carolina vs. New Jersey

Fobeashyi: CANES.
This one is tough, I'll go with Carolina in a close one.  Overtime for sure.
Coyne MacTosser says: DEVILS (Tails)  Yell
"There was words that the Horned Ones played a game without a single infraction.  By either team.  Very odd! Were they carrying eggs in their pockets as well?  Take some sausages with you as well and have a full breakfast in mid-shift then!  These Canes are like a tornado, a hurricane even - trying to find a way to play for the Mug.  Today, however, is no tornado, nor a hurricane, just a mild breeze and a great day for a swim for the 3-Time Diving Champions as their hopes are bedeviled.  Ooooh.  Bedeviled!  I like that!"

Florida vs. New York

Fobeashyi:  PANTHERS.
Panthers are like the coin toss, you never know which side will show up. Rangers will get a badly needed point.
Coyne MacTosser says:  RANGERS (Tails)  Yell
"Cats.  Endangered.  Fact.  Booth.  Head.  Dislodged.  Fact.  Rangers.  Win.  Fact."


Phoenix vs. Edmonton

Fobeashyi: COYOTES.
A mis-match. 'Yotes blow 'em out.
Coyne MacTosser says: COYOTES (Heads)  Money mouth
"I'm convinced I could toss this coin up a thousand times and for each time it came up tails you'd give me a schilling and I'd still not have a single coin.  Well except for this one.  Maybe.  I'm a wee bit confused now.  Confused like this squad from the polar ice or wherever Edmonton is, although they do have fantastic kits.  I think that's ma way I've saying Loch of the Day.  Book it!"

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