Posted on: March 26, 2010 2:42 am
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Why Does Andy Reid Get a Free Pass?!

Rumors abound that one of the Eagles QBs (McNabb, Kolb, Vick) will be traded and the smart money is on Donovan McNabb being the one to be shipped out.

Now I'm not going to say this isn't a good time to trade McNabb.  Its a fabulous time to trade him - with no QB in the draft that is a sure bet (are 1st round QBs ever sure bets?)  and several teams needing a solid QB, this could be the type of trade that can help both franchises.  With one year left in his contract - now is the ideal time to trade Number 5.

What gets my goat is that everyone states that McNabb is to blame for the zero titles and that he'll never win the Big One.  His career passing stats are eerily similar to Tom Brady's.  The difference - Brady is a winner.  Ok, sure.  But how about the coaching and playcalling?!  Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl, I'm pretty sure a 60% passer that protects the ball and is +116 TDs to INTs will do.

Meanwhile coach and grand poobah Andy Reid receives zero slings and no arrows.  No coach in the HISTORY OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE has a more imbalanced pass/run ratio than Dandy Andy.   He throws and throw and throws.  How in the name of Dan Marino is that going to work.  Even the record-setting Patriots and Brady's 50 Touchdowns couldn't close the deal, and their passing game was historic and a decent running game to boot.

In the NFL, you need to run the ball.  There is no mystery shortcut that Reid has discovered.  He is NOT smarter than the legendary coaches who have or currently man the sideline.  Reid used to say, his shovel passes, (usually to Westbrook) were *EXACTLY* the same as a run, since its just semantics, a forward pitch vs. a backwards lateral.  And I agreed with him.  But we haven't seen that play run with any regularity in many years. 

It was also Andy's call to not pay Brian Dawkins the extra couple million he was looking for in his last free agency season.  He concluded the Eagles needed to get younger and better and hopefully wouldn't miss the leadership and intangibles someone like Dawk brings to a team.

It backfired huge but Reid really didn't take a hit for it.  Philadelphia had safety issues ALL SEASON and the leadership quite obviously did indeed suffer.  Not to mention it sent a clear signal to the rest of the team, even if you perform at a high, Pro Bowl level, we will get rid of you to save a buck.  Let's not forget Dawk made only $2 million in his final year and didn't say a word - expecting the team would take care of him, if he was a good soldier.  Imagine his surprise the Eagles wouldn't budge even there were no cap issues to deal with.  A lot of people may say Dawkins didn't have a Pro Bowl year, that he got there on reputation.  Fair enough but he did record 116 Tackles - the most in his career!  Those tackles would've looked awfully good in Eagles green instead of Denver orange.

And despite his inability to take risks in the playoffs, his ridiculous pass/run ratio, his off-field distractions and his smug "I know better than you attitude" - he receives no arrows while McNabb takes them in the chest and the back.  All McNabb did during an "off year" was throw 3500+ yards yet again with just 10 picks.  

McNabb throws a pick every 47.5 passes.  That is exceptional!  Brady?  1 every 42.  Manning?!  1 every 36. 

So please don't tell me its the QB's fault.  Run the ball to setup the pass Andy.  Pass the ball to setup the run.

Everyone does it but you.

Kevin Kolb good luck winning the big one.  You may need a new coach before it'll happen. 

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