Posted on: April 8, 2010 10:09 am
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The Pits: Could the Dodgers be eliminated today?!

I know this is jumping the gun but I'm thinking it, so I'm putting it out there.  Could the Dodgers be effectively eliminated from the playoffs today?!

Going 0 and 3 to start the season is a fantastic way to get yourself a 100-loss season.  If you have high hopes for delighted fans and playoff revenue, it is not exactly the best way to go about getting to the postseason.   Of the last 20 teams to go 0 and 3, exactly 1 of them made the post-season.

Can you have a must-win game in the first week of the baseball season?

The Dodgers are in Pittsburgh for Game 3 of their season-opening series.  Last night Joe Torre made the curious decision to not use Jonathan Broxton in an extra-inning loss to the Pirates.  And while panic has not set in quite yet (does Joe Torre ever panic?), the results for teams that start 0 and 3 is near catastrophic - even in the wild-card era. 

The 2003 Atlanta Braves come to mind as a team that started 0 and 3 and rebounded.  Of course, they didn't drop 3 games to the Bucs or be 3 1/2 games behind the rival Giants which could be the case tonight for Los Angeles.  There are dozens of examples of teams that started 0 and 3 and went on to have a disappointing season - these wins (and losses) count the same now as they do in October.  Of course those Braves went out to pile up 101 wins so maybe we've had too much caffeine.  I mean Furcal & Manny look good and Martin went deep but hey these Dodgers are already 2 1/2 games behind - I don't believe they were EVER this far behind last season.

The best way to find out, is not to find out at all and find a way past these pesky Pirates.  It starts with Chad Billingsley, he of the lifetime 7.45 ERA (2 starts) against the Bucs.  The good news?  Paul Maholm is Pittsburgh's answer and he has never beaten the Dodgers in his career. 

Which of the following teams are you willing to write off if they lose tonight? 

Baltimore (0-2, 2 GB)
Washington (0-2, 2 GB)
Chicago Cubs (0-2, 2 GB)
Cincinnati (0-2, 2 GB)
Houston (0-3, 2.5 GB)
LA Dodgers (0-2, 2.5 GB)

And what is the number of losses before your ready to hit the panic button for your team?  3?  6?  10?!

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